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As front-of-house staff, bartenders have a big impact on a restaurant business. Bartender training is essential to helping your aspiring bar team grow into genuine hospitality professionals. The more your FOH staff understands the drink menu, the better they will be at upselling.

Wine tastings are events designed to give enthusiasts the opportunity to sample a range of wines. The events can be very much like classes (seated, seminar-like events), or they can be more like parties (tasters milling around informally). Compared to a wine class, the participants at a wine tasting are more likely to have various levels of knowledge.

In-House Training

Select Beverage is your partner in success. We will train your staff on every label we supply for your business. Your staff will be well versed not only on the wines but which foods pair well with them. 


Private Wine Tastings 4-20 Guests

Tastings don’t come in beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels — one size fits all. You supply the venue, we supply the expert. This is designed for a more intimate setting,  our wine experts will show you and your guests how to properly open, serve and select the perfect wine and stemware for every occasion. We will take you through several different types of wine and what foods they should be paired with.


Seasonal Wine Tastings - Minimum of 20 guests

Bright whites in summer, deep reds in winter. A Select Beverage expert will guide you guests through an interactive wine tasting, teaching about the winemaking process and helping your guests discover the nuances of each flavor profile.


Wine & Cheese Pairing - Minimum 20 guests

Explore the nuances of everyone’s favorite pairing while tasting a selection of Select Beverage wines alongside delicious cheese. In this hour long tasting, guests will learn about how wine and cheese are made, their flavor profiles, and how to pair these flavors together.

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